Waffles - Pancakes - Milkshakes

Enjoy our Waffles or Pancakes with Ice-Cream, Fresh Fruit, Cream & Sauce or Try them American Style with Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup.

Enjoy one of our Ice-Cream Sundae's

or 3 Scoop Milkshakes

Opening Times: Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm
                                Sunday 9am - 4pm
Sit In or To Go
William Wallace

2 Scoops of Vanilla & 1 Strawberry with Strawberry Puree, fresh Strawberries & fresh Cream

Robert the Bruce

1 Scoop of Chocolate, 1  Vanilla & 1 Mint Choc Chip with Chocolate Sauce, Sprinkles & Fresh Cream

Adam Smith Delight

1 Scoop of Scottish Tablet, 1 of Vanilla with crushed biscuit, toffee sauce, fresh cream and fudge stick

Sir Walter Scott

1 Scoop of Oreo, 1 of Chocolate with chocolate sauce, fresh cream and topped with a  flake

The Lang Toun Boat

A Sliced Banana with 1 Vanilla, 1 Scottish Tablet & 1 Oreo, crushed biscuit toffee sauce & fresh cream

or Make your Own
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